8 Creative Ways to Use Juicing Pulp

8 Creative Ways to Use Juicing Pulp

8 Creative Ways to Use Juicing Pulp

If you've been wondering what to do with the juicing pulp, you might be pleasantly surprised. No, it's not destined to go in the trash bin, instead it can be used or recycled in various creative ways. Here are some creative ways in below you may consider reducing your juicing pulp waste:

1. For Composting

Start using the home compost bin with your juicing pulp waste. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you can turn pulp into mineral-rich compost for potted plants, vegetable patches and more.

2. For Smoothie

Not only could your juicing pulp add extra flavor to your smoothie, it also provides your drink with extra fiber, which is great for digestion. Freeze leftover pulp in ice cube trays and have it ready for your next smoothie.

3. For Soups

Use juicing pulp to add extra minerals and fiber to soups. If you've made a carrot and orange smoothie, consider adding the pulp to a carrot and cilantro soup, or try adding the pulp from your green juice to a Thai-inspired soup for a complementary flavor.

4. For Homemade Cereal

If you love homemade granola, why not turn your juicing pulp into a crunchy and healthy breakfast cereal? Blended with dates, coconut oil, oats and dried fruit, your juicing pulp can be quickly roasted and recreated into a delicious granola.

5. For Crackers

Delicious, easy to make and ideal for a healthy snack, juicing pulp crackers require no baking skills but pack a punch when tasting. Lather on hummus, homemade spreads or cream cheese for an easy hunger-buster come 3pm.

6. For Muffins

While most muffins are loaded with refined sugar, juicing pulp muffins can be a healthy option. Pulp works especially well in muffin recipes because it helps keep the cake texture moist and gives you the option to replace sugar for more natural sweeteners.

7. For Fritters

Turn the pulp from vegetable juices into delicious fritters. Whether served with salad for a light lunch or with rice and chili sauce for dinner, vegetable pulp fitters could make for a quick and filling meal.

8. For Dog Treats

Want to make sure your four-legged friend can benefit from your new healthy juicing routine? You can easily find some recipes online and use the leftover juice pulp to create delicious dog treats that are sure to get tails wagging.

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