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Service Commitment Letter

In order to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of customers and enable customers to better use and maintain the products, Aumate (Hereinafter referred to our company) will make a standard warranty service commitment for the products under warranty (subject to the warranty period agreed in the specific purchasing and sales contract). For Aumate products, we will provide the following Quality Assurance Services (Hereinafter referred to QAS).

1. Warranty Scope

1.1 Due to material, process, or manufacturing problems, product performance failure may affect normal use which happens under regular use and maintenance conditions. During warranty period, our company provides warranty services such as repair, replacement, or return. "Regular Use and Maintenance Conditions" means that the product's installation, use, maintenance, storage, transportation, etc. meet the requirements of instruction manual, and are used for reasonable purposes. "Affect Normal Use" means that the product cannot achieve the functions described in its standard performance parameters.

1.2 Except for pre-declaration, law or prior agreement, no additional fees will be charged for services within the warranty scope.

2. Warranty Period

2.1 From the purchasing date (subject to the date on the original purchasing voucher, same below), our products enjoy free QAS within the warranty period and scope in accordance with the terms of the signed contract. If the law or the purchasing contract provides otherwise, it shall be executed in accordance with the law or the purchasing contract. Once the warranty expires, we will provide paid maintenance services.

2.2 Products or parts that have been repaired or replaced within the scope of the warranty will continue to enjoy the QAS during the remaining warranty period. And if and the remaining warranty period is less than three months, it will be still calculated as three months. If the law or purchasing contract provides otherwise, it shall be executed in accordance with the same.


The date of purchasing is subject to the date on the original purchasing contract. Borrowed products are not covered by Aumate’s warranty policies.

3.1 Repair

Product failures are resolved by maintenance. During warranty period, we will try to diagnose and solve product failures through the Internet, telephone, or other remote assistance methods. If the problem cannot be solved by the above methods, the equipment can be sent to Aumate After-sales Service Center. Our company will repair or replace the parts damaged due to product quality for free. For cases beyond the warranty period, our company will charge the cost of replacing or repairing parts, whether it is caused by human factors or natural damage.

The standard maintenance cycle refers to the completion of the repair within 7 working days from the time of the faulty machine received by us to the end of maintenance and delivery. The specific time depends on the inventory and supply status of the parts involved. If the time exceeds the standard maintenance cycle, we will communicate with the customer separately.

3.2 Replacement

Within 30 days from the original purchasing date, if there is any performance failure to the purchased product after we confirm the failure is caused by the product itself, the customer can choose to exchange it or repair it for free. If the customer chooses to exchange the product, please send the faulty machine and its original accessories with the original copy of the purchase voucher together to Aumate. Our after-sales team will replace products or accessories of the same model and specifications for free; if the products or accessories of the same model and specifications have been discontinued, they would be replaced with products or accessories that performance is not lower than the original ones.

3.3 Return

Within 7 days (inclusive) from the original purchasing date, if there is any performance failure of the purchased product after we confirm that the failure is caused by the product itself, the customer can choose to return, exchange or repair for free. If the customer chooses to return, please send the faulty product and its original accessories with the original copy of the purchase voucher together to Fretta. We will handle the return for the customer for free under the premise that the product is complete and there is no fault caused by the user. In the meanwhile, we will issue the refund at the purchasing price all at once (subject to the price on the original purchase voucher, same below). Customers must obtain our company's consent before returning any products. For products returned without consent, we may refuse to provide repair or replacement and return the product to the customer with freight expense.

Special Note: According to the specific purchasing and sales contract, products sold at special price do not enjoy return and exchange service; prototypes sold at a special price, do not enjoy the related policies of Aumate, neither.

4. How to Obtain Warranty Services?

Within the warranty period, if there is any problem during the use of the product, customers can obtain service through the following methods:

4.1 Support Service

If customers need technical support services, please send relevant product information via email to our after-sales team at Support@Aumate.com, we will provide product use consultation and troubleshooting guidance services within 24 hours (working days) from receiving the email. The content of the email should include but is not limited to, malfunctioning machine information (product model, serial number) and description of the problem, etc. A complete description of the information and photos or videos of the problem will help to understand and solve the problem quickly.

4.2 Repair service

The customer can log in Aunate's official website Aumate.com or email the after-sales customer service team to obtain the latest service center contact information. 

4.3 Repair Process

When there is a product failure, please first contact our After-sales Team by phone, email, etc. Our professionals will find out the product information and failure performance, and make a preliminary judgment. The faulty product must be sent to the designated address for repair. It will be determined whether it is free repair or paid repair according to the information on the warranty and fault situation. In the case of paid repairs, after the repair charge standard is determined, our after-sales team will perform repairs after reaching an agreement with customers.

5. Scope of Non-Warranty

Aumate products in the following situations are not covered by the free warranty scope, but users can choose to repair with non-warranty.

1) Beyond the stipulated warranty period.

2) Failure or damage caused by misuse, accident, modification, improper physical or operating environment, force majeure, such as natural disasters and wars, power surge, and improper maintenance or storage.

3) Failure or damage caused by third-party products, software, services, or actions.

4) Normal discoloration, abrasion, and consumption during product use.

5) The product can run normally without interruption or error.

6) Data loss or damage caused by the customer's private operation or modification of the software.

7) Consumable parts and packaging materials that are worn out over time, unless it is a failure due to defects in materials or process.

8) Unable to present the product's valid warranty certificate and valid original purchasing invoice or receipt; the original serial number or label of the product has been altered, replaced, torn, unrecognized; the product has no serial number or the product model or serial number on the warranty certificate inconsistent with the actual product.

9) The product not used in accordance with the accompanying instructions and operation manual, or not used for the intended function or environment, or any other violations of the operation manual after verified by our company.

10) The completeness and appearance of the product are out of the warranty scope. When the product is accepted, it should be inspected on the spot and any discrepancy should be raised.

11) Product failures confirmed to be caused by unauthorized disassembly, maintenance, and installation by unauthorized maintenance organizations and their personnel.

12) Unauthorized source of supply.

6. Precautions before Service

When applicable, customers should pay attention to the following matters before applying for services:

1) Follow the specified service application procedures.

2) Back up all the software and data in the product in advance to avoid loss. We will not be responsible for any loss caused by data loss during use or maintenance.

3) Please provide necessary support and cooperation so that we can provide services, including providing fault descriptions and necessary sites, etc.

4) Delete all legally protected commercial and personal information from the product. If such information cannot be deleted, it is necessary to notify the service provider when applying for warranty.

5) Under normal cases, please do not attach peripheral hardware, cables, and other items to the repaired product. If you have special needs, please contact us in advance and attach the relevant list when sending it for repair to avoid unnecessary losses.

6) All returned products must be packaged appropriately to prevent shipping damage and provide proper protection. Please choose the shipping method and carrier carefully, and it is recommended to purchase transportation insurance. We will not be responsible for any loss caused during transportation.

7) Except for pre-declaration, law or prior agreement, products or parts covered by the warranty shall be sent back for repair or exchange with our consent. The sender shall bear the freight and customs clearance expenses, and the receiver shall bear inbound fees. For products not covered by the warranty, the customer shall bear round-trip freight and entry & exit fees (all fees should be paid in advance). 

7. Limitation of Liability

If Aumate breaches the agreement or needs to bear other responsibilities, our company's compensation liability is limited to actual direct losses, and will not be liable for the following items:

1) The amount that exceeds the actual price paid for the product.

2) Any costs and expenses related to obtaining alternative goods, technologies, services, or rights.

3) Data corruption or loss.

4) Loss caused by interruption or delay in use.

The above limitation of liability only applies to the extent permitted by law and does not apply to those liabilities that cannot be excluded or limited by contract or other means in accordance with the law. Aumate may choose to modify part of all of these terms at any time without notice.

8. Other Precautions and Special Reminders

1) The hotline numbers and email address published in this document may be changed according to changes in the telecommunication network or other objective factors. Please refer to the latest contact information published on our official website.

2) We do not provide free warranty services for some non-embedded operating system products that are damaged by virus infection during use.

3) The above warranty commitments made by us are only applicable to the parts and accessories that are the standard configuration of our products when they leave the factory. When the user purchases the products, all non-Aumate parts or accessories installed by the supplier or seller will be handled by the supplier or seller. We will not be responsible for all additional commitments made by supplier or seller to users; please ask the supplier or seller for written certification of this product when purchasing to ensure that the supplier fulfills its additional commitments.

4) Auamte will provide the specified warranty service within the scope of this standard service commitment. If there are other service requirements beyond the commitment, please choose paid services from Aumate After-sales Service Center.

5) Purchasing invoices and warranty certificates are important vouchers for after-sales service, please keep them properly. When seeking warranty service at Aumate After-sales Service Center, please present the relevant certificates.

6) Within the warranty period, after Aumate After-sales Service Center replaces the whole machine or faulty parts for the user, the original machine or faulty parts will be taken back and owned by Aumate After-sales Service Center.

9. General Terms

1) This document is formulated and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the United States. In this document, the law refers to the legal normative documents currently in force in the country. The warranty is equivalent to the guarantee or quality assurance. The statutory warranty refers to the national regulations applicable to the product. The mentioned time limits are interpreted in accordance with the relevant time limits of the law. If any clause of this document is ruled to be partially or completely invalid by a competent legal authority, it will not affect the validity of other parts, and the other contents of this document will still have full validity within the scope of not being ruled invalid.

2) If local laws of the jurisdiction where the sale of the product is sold are inconsistent with a provision herein, and such local laws do not allow waiver through contractual agreement, then such local laws shall only apply to the extent of the inconsistency. Any exceptions required by the customer beyond this letter of commitment must be approved in writing by Aumate.