Health Benefits of The Cold Pressed Juicer

Health Benefits of The Cold Pressed Juicer

Health Benefits of The Cold Pressed Juicer

Homemade juices are undeniably healthier than store-bought varieties, which are high in sugar. What many buyers don't realize, however, is that the juicer you choose plays an important role in making your juice more nutritious. A traditional or centrifugal juicer uses rapidly spinning blades to tear open fruit or vegetables. This removes the essential nutrients from the juice, leaving little or no nutritional value.

What's Cold Pressed Juicer?

Cold pressed juicers also known as slow masticating juicers squeeze and grind fruits and vegetables to extract juice. These juicers do not generate heat while extracting, that's why these juicers are also called cold pressed juicers.

Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice

  • Cold pressing destroys bacteria on a structural level and retains the flavor and quality destroyed by heat and chemical pasteurization. You don't need to worry about bacteria and your juices will stay fresh, tasty and high quality.
  • The juicing method retains more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and flavors than any other method. This is a great way to easily incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet.
  • The taste of cold-pressed juices is unmatched. You can prepare a large batch and store it properly and still have it taste absolutely fresh 2-weeks later.
  • The taste of cold-pressed juices is unparalleled. You can prepare a big batch and store it properly, and it will still taste absolutely fresh two weeks later.
  • You could get more juice out of your produce. Centrifugal juicers don’t extract much juice per ounce, so using a masticating juicer will save you money on produce. You save money and control the quality of your ingredients when juicing at home.
  • This juice has a nice consistency. Cold pressed juice retains more pulp and fiber, so the juice will be a little thicker. Some people like that better. If you don't, just add a little more water.

Reasons to Own A Cold Pressed Juicer

Customize Ingredients

A cold pressed juicer not only saves you money but also guarantees you a healthy and nutritious juice. You can easily pick up organic produce or fruits and vegetables from your local farmers market to make cold pressed juice.

Preserve Nutritional Value

Due to the heat generated by high-speed spinning, conventional juicers oxidize nutrients and fiber. However cold pressed juicers don't generate as much heat as traditional juicers, so nutrients and fiber remain intact.

More Juice Yields

For the same amount of green vegetables and fruits, cold press juicer produces more juice than traditional juicers. Some cold pressed juicer can also process nuts to make the tastiest almond or cashew smoothie, something a traditional juicer can't do.

Less Noise

The lower processing speed gives cold press juicers the unique advantage of low noise, making them quieter than conventional juicers. So you can easily use the juicer when you need it without disturbing anyone.

Non-clogging Operation

Cold pressed juicer like AUMATE Fretta JC01 Pro Slow Juicer is equipped with a special reverse function, which can easily clear the blockage, which is an incomparable function of traditional juicer.

Cold pressed juicers are more than just a fad. High performance appliances play an important role in keeping you healthy. If you want to know more about juicing or a certain type of juicer, please feel free to leave a comment in below area or email us directly at

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