Juicers vs Blenders

Juicers vs Blenders

Juicers vs Blenders

Many people think that blending is the same as juicing. Although they both provide health benefits, there are distinct differences between the two. Which is best for you? Let's take a look at the juicers and blenders in below:

What are Juicers and Blenders? 

Juicers and blenders combine ingredients to add nutrition and fresh produce to your system in a delicious, easy way. But they improve your health differently.

Juicers extract fresh juice from fruits and vegetables, leaving the pulp and seeds behind. The fiber is also isolated so the nutrient-rich juice absorbs directly into your system faster than blending the same ingredients.

To use a juicer, place fruit or vegetables directly on top of the unit. A juicer squeezes the item slowly to remove the juice from the pulp and seeds. The juice flows out into one container, while the rest of the product is discarded into another container which can be thrown away.

Blenders pulverize the whole fruit or vegetable, including fibers, seeds and pulp. This means that everything you add to the blender jar ends up in your mug. You can also add other items to the blender (like ice cubes or milk).

Health Benefits

Juicing is one of the best ways to enjoy the health benefits of fresh fruits, vegetables and greens. There are a number of reasons why juicing is so beneficial to your health:

  • Slow masticating juicers don't destroy nutrients and enzymes like fast motors in blenders do. They work slowly, avoiding additional heat to maintain product integrity.
  • Juicing allows more nutrients to be absorbed faster because fresh juice does not contain fiber.
  • Since blending includes seeds, pulp, and other substances, a smaller amount of juice has a higher concentration of minerals.

Remember, a select blender can make grocery store staples at home, giving you control over the ingredients. This makes the blender another great option for healthy meal replacements at home.

Multi-Purpose Uses

High-end blenders are much more versatile kitchen appliances than juicers. You can make so much more than just smoothies. Select blender blend hummus, peanut butter, salsa, apple sauce, and more. While select juicers can make sorbets and smoothies from frozen fruit, they're not as versatile as blenders.

The bottom line is that standard juicers and blenders can make fresh juices and smoothies. You'll have to look at the high-end options for either device to create different things.

To Be Continued…

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