Learn How to Clean Your Juicer

Learn How to Clean Your Juicer

Learn How to Clean Your Juicer

Juicing can be extremely beneficial in helping us live a healthy life, but you also need to consider the health of your juicer. The following instructions will help extend the life of your juicer.

The best way to maintain your juicer is to remember to clean it immediately after juicing. Fruit and vegetable pulp can get in unexpected places, and bacteria can quickly grow. Mold can make its home there too, so be sure not to give it a chance to grow.

Cleaning Tools

  • Small Brushes (Such as a Toothbrush and Nail Brush)
  • Soft Scraping Tool Like a Rubber Spatula
  • Soft Cloth or Sponge
  • Dish Soap/Detergent
  • Hot Running Water
  • Drying Rack or Paper Towel

Washing and Drying

  • Make sure to unplug and disassemble completely before washing.
  • Wash the mesh strainer and run water through the bottom to help remove any residue and pulp pieces.
  • Be sure to wash off this debris before it dries for easier cleaning. It can become very difficult to clean up.
  • Soak the dry residue on the filter, soak it in hot water with a little soap for a while, and then wash it off.
  • A small, stiff brush will also come in handy. 
  • Let it dry out completely after cleaning.
  • Air drying is most hygienic, so use a drying rack or make room on the counter and spread out a towel.

Throw Away the Pulp

  • Dump the contents of the pulp bin and scrape up as much as possible.
  • Rinse off any loose pulp and use a brush to focus on any hard-to-reach areas according to the shape of the bin.
  • Once all buildup is gone, clean the trash can with soap and water using a cloth or sponge.
  • Also leave it to dry out completely.

Cleaning Other Accessories

  • Wash all other parts and allow them time to soak in hot water if needed.
  • Set them outside to dry as you go, leaving enough space between the dry parts so air can move between them.
  • After cleaning all washable parts, inspect the motor unit if possible, looking for any subtle places where dirt might be hiding.
  • Make sure everything is completely dry before putting them back together.

Regular and thorough cleaning of your juicer is the most important thing to maintain its longevity and health benefits. Remember to wash after each use! Drink a delicious, nutrient-dense juice every day and feel confident you're free of unknown contaminants like mold and bacteria.

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