Low Speed Juicer vs High Speed Juicer

Low Speed Juicer vs High Speed Juicer


Low Speed Juicer vs High Speed JuicerChoosing the best juicer for your needs is a tough decision that comes down to personal preference. There are two main types of juicers - high speed juicers, also known as centrifugal juicers, or low speed juicers, also known as masticating juicers.

There are some key differences between slow and fast juicers, and in this blog we’ll explore them and give you insight into the type of juicer that might suit your needs.

Low Speed/Slow/Masticating Juicer

Low speed juicers extract juice by squeezing the fruit. Low speed juicers use an auger to slowly push fruit or vegetables through the mesh, separating the juice from the pulp, which falls into a separate container. The process of extracting juice with a low speed juicer is slow! However, they are very quiet and great for juicing leafy greens, wheatgrass or soft fruit. Low speed juicers also produce less heat, which helps preserve the nutrients in the juice.


  • A low speed juicer is capable of juicing leafy greens such as mint, kale, wheatgrass, and other greens. It can also process nuts and coffee beans.
  • The slow process, minimal heat loss and slow speed ensure that it extracts maximum nutrients from vegetables, fruits and leafy greens, thus increasing the health benefits of freshly squeezed juices.
  • Low speed juicers are generally considered to provide higher quality juice with more nutrients and a more natural taste.
  • Low speed juicers are much quieter than centrifugal juicers.


  • A low speed juicer won't empty out the pulp, so it stays in the machine.
  • Low speed juicers have some awkward parts, including a mesh that isn't easy to clean.
  • The process of creating juice is slow! If you're someone who wants to juice to go, or first thing in the morning, this machine isn't for you!
  • Its price is much higher. You can buy a slow juicer for a lot of money. The price on the market can be 2 to 3 times higher than the centrifugal juicer.

High Speed/Fast/Centrifugal Juicer

High speed juicer produces juice by using a rapidly rotating mesh. This helps break down the fruit or vegetable, producing juice and distributing the pulp into the pulp container. Fast motion means the high speed juicer does exactly what its name suggests - Juicing Fast!

If you want to make fresh drinks quickly, then look no further than a centrifugal juicer. Unfortunately, the quick process means a lot of nutrients are lost due to the heat generated, and a high speed juicer can also be noisy, so using it first thing in the morning isn't ideal!


  • Fast juicing, as the name suggests, is fast!
  • A high speed juicer is capable of producing large amounts of juice at once.
  • The high speed juicer is easier to clean than masticating juicers.
  • The cost of high speed juicers is lower compared to low speed juicers.
  • You can quickly and efficiently juice large quantities of fruits, greens and vegetables. 


  • When in use, a high speed juicer is usually much louder than a low speed juicer.
  • Due to the fast-spinning mesh blades, a high speed juicer generates more heat, and therefore wastes more energy.
  • The finished juice may appear frothy because of its production speed. Juice quality can be low because the machine doesn't always maximize the flavor of the raw material.
  • More challenging vegetables, leafy greens and nuts can be difficult to juice with high speed juicer.
  • Increased heat production means that juice from a high speed juicer is less nutritious than a low speed juicer.  

Which Juicer is Better?

If you're on a budget and are more interested in quick juice for convenience, then a high speed juicer is just for you. While the nutritional value may not be at the level of a masticating juicer, the nutrients in the juice are still there and you can still get the health benefits.

If performance and extracting the most flavor and nutritional value from your juicer are your concerns, a low speed juicer is the best choice for you. While the price may be higher, you also have the potential to get higher quality juice this way. 

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