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Aumate Fretta

AUMATE Fretta Slow Masticating Juicer Machine

AUMATE Fretta Slow Masticating Juicer Machine

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  • Wide Feed Chute: AUMATE Fretta Slow Masticating Juicer has a wide 3-inch feed chute which could easily hold large chunks of fruits and vegetables instead of cutting them into smaller pieces such as apples, oranges, beets and more. It is time-saving and convenient.
  • Higher Nutrient Value & Better Flavor: The cold press juicer works by directly squeezing fruits and vegetables, which is the best way to preserve the nutrition of your food. Rather than chopping and spinning food at high speed to extract juice, this can better retain the nutrients in the food, and at the same time, the fresh squeezed juice extracted by this method has a low oxidation rate and can be stored for a longer time.
  • Upgraded Auger & Quiet DC Motor: AUMATE Fretta wide chute juicer operates with less noise, so you won’t disturb your family while you’re making fresh juice. The upgraded high quality auger can help you squeeze juice efficiently.
  • 2 Modes & Reverse Function: This slow juicer is equipped with 2 speed modes and reverse function. You are able to adjust the soft/hard mode according to different vegetables and fruits, which could better extract high-purity juice and reduce oxidation rate.
    • Soft Mode (85-100RPM): Orange, Watermelon, Grape, Berry, Kiwi, etc. 
    • Hard Mode (95-110RPM): Apple, Pear, Carrot, Beet, Celery, Ginger, Kale, etc. 
  • Easy to Assemble & Clean: The juicing body can be disassembled with just one push of a button and can be easily cleaned with running water. It also comes with a brush that you can simply use over a juicing sieve and it does a great job of removing small pulps in the holes.
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  • Extra Large Feed Chute & Less Preparation

    Thanks to the extra large 3-inch wide feed chute, you can add whole or chunky fruits or vegetables to the juicer and spend less time chopping and prepping ingredients.

  • Anti Leaking Design, Avoid Mess & Preserve Nutrition

    Avoid Mess: The nozzle of this juicer extractor is designed to prevent leakage and avoid mess of the kitchen. 

    High Nutritional Value: Anti leaking desgin prevents air from entering, reduces oxidation and preserves nutrition of juice.

  • One-click Disassembly & Assembly

    Press the black button on the side of the juicer body while turning the juicer body clockwise to remove the juicer body. Turn the juicer body counterclockwise, and the juicer is assembled.

  • Powerful DC Motor & Less Noise

    With this powerful 200W DC motor, our juicer could operate at a low noise level of no more than 70 dB, which means it's quieter than your phone ringing.

  • Pure Cold Press Technology, Better Flavor

    The slow cold pressing speed of the auger minimizes oxidation and heat generation, so more nutrients and enzymes are retained for better flavor.

  • Easy to Clean, Maintenance & Store

    All parts are detachable, ensuring that every part of the juicer can be cleaned easily, just rinse under running water after use and dry completely before storing.